Distributor for the USA and Canada

Distributor for the USA and Canada

When I've been searching for other literary maps, I've come across some fantastic maps from the 1980s published by Aaron Blake Publishers. For a few years they produced well-crafted literary maps based on different cities and authors. The publisher ceased its operations in the early '80s, but SCB Distributors was established in its place, and they have since grown significantly, now distributing around 5,000 different titles. Among those, they distribute my favorite publisher, Herb Lester Associates. When I was looking for a distributor in the USA and Canada, it seemed obvious to approach SCB first, and to my great delight, they agreed! So, if you have a business in the USA or Canada and are interested in selling our maps, please contact:
SCB Distributors Inc.
15608 South New Century Drive
Gardena, CA 90248
Phone: 310-532-9400
Email: scb@scbdistributors.com

Photo: The Literary Map of Los Angeles. Publication Date: 1987. Author: Aaron Blake Publishers (from Curtis Wright Maps homepage).

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