A short walk in Hamsun's footsteps

A short walk in Hamsun's footsteps

Knut Hamsun's book Hunger is about a young writer who seeks inspiration (and starves) in 19th century Kristiania (now Oslo). I read the book a few years ago and was struck by how well Hamsun depicted the city. I visited Oslo a week ago and decided to visit some places mentioned in the novel. I received great help from the National Library, who provided me with links to address books and maps from the time.

I was able to find streets, but it became more difficult when I wanted to see where stores and such were located. For example, Fabian Olsen, the Baker mentioned in the beginning of the book, I could not find in any address book. Was it just a made-up name? Our Saviour's Church, on the other hand, still exists, as does Karl Johan, the main street.

Down at the harbor, a fantastic new library has been built, right next to the Opera and the new Munch Museum. They had a very nice section on literature about the city.

I have some other maps to make first, but I absolutely must make one for this book!

Visit to Deichman, the new library.

Our Saviour's Church then and now.

We didn't need to starve. Dinner on Karl Johan.

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