The enjoyable search for Dracula's castle!

The enjoyable search for Dracula's castle!

There has been quite a bit of research behind the new Dracula map, and the most enjoyable part was probably trying to locate where the castle would be placed. I ordered some wonderful books for reference, including 'Ultimate Dracula' by Hans Corneel De Roos, where he claims to have figured out exactly where the castle would be. Unfortunately, that book never arrived, so we had to do without it. When the map was finished, I got hold of De Roos's text, and it turned out that we had placed the castle on two different mountain peaks, but very close to each other. Odd, considering the numerous peaks in the Carpathians! De Roos's placement was just a bit farther from Borgo Pass, where Jonathan Harker enters Dracula's calèche at the beginning of the novel. 

working on dracula map

 We believe our castle placement is entirely correct of course :) But, since Stoker didn't specify an exact location, it's marked with a white dot on the map (which means, no exact address is given). However, the majority of locations in the novel have been identified in reality and are therefore marked with black dots!

The background map on the topography working document is from Esri.

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