Covering Screens

Covering Screens

I am very fond of the illustrations by Hugh Thomson from the 1894 edition of “Pride and Prejudice”, especially the one with the screen. As a map enthusiast, I couldn’t help but notice the world map affixed to the screen. Screens were widely used during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to retain warmth or as protection in front of fireplaces. I found an interesting text by Brenda S. Cox about the illustration and covering screens here: Brenda S. Cox Blog

It’s exciting that she mentions Mr. Woodhouse in “Emma” as well :) If you Google a bit, you can discover fantastic decorated screens from that time.

The map on the screen also inspired an illustration within the Candide Map, but in that case, it ended up on the wall behind, slightly askew!

Candide map detail 1

Candide detail 2


The Hugh Thomson illustration from: The Project Gutenberg eBook of Pride and Prejudice

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